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Schöne Sachen für Vater Mutter Kind

Wiens erste Adresse für werdende Eltern

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Tap Tap organic leather slippers - Natural luxury for children's feet!

Tap Tap organic stands for craftsmanship, sustainability, design, the best finishing and above all non-toxci materials of the highest quality.
- Non-toxic leather
- Uncoated breathable surface
- Casual Design
- Craftmanship from Austria

Leather free from contaminants:
Unlike mass-produced leather, our organic material does not contain any heavy metals such as chromium, which means it can be safely worn directly on the skin. Your child?s feet will therefore never run the risk of absorbing toxins from the leather through the skin. The leather used to make our shoes has been certified for skin tolerance by the European Foundation for Allergy Research and is therefore also suitable for allergy sufferers.
The rawhide is sustainably tanned in Germany, in a tannery that is quite unique for its production process. Plant materials such as oak bark, rhubarb root, the husks of the tara tree and valonea are used for the tanning process.
The use of heavy metals is avoided during the careful dyeing process. The leather is dyed with synthetic colourants so that the colours don´t fade. Each newly developed colour is tested beforehand for its compatibility with the skin and the environment.