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Classic High Chair Combi
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A chair for life

The curved lines of the Leander® chair nestle against the small back and offer good support, even without cushions. The Leander® high chair is designed so that it is set into small movements when your child moves. Because it is made for children. Children are small bundles of energy and are constantly in motion. Even when they sit at the table.

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For big and small

Our high chairs are designed so that they can accompany your child for many years. That's why they are manufactured in a quality that guarantees that they not only develop with your child, but can also be passed on to the next generation. And the Leander® high chair is even suitable as an adult chair. All you have to do is replace the foot and seat board and you get first-class seating comfort.

Why does the high chair move?

The Leander® high chair moves because it is made for children. Because children move. It's in their nature. When the chair adapts to the child's movements, your child gets a feel for its body. The small movements even calm him down.

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Can my child already sit in a high chair?

Most children can sit in a high chair by the age of 6 months. At this time, most children can switch from the prone position to the crawling position and then on to the sitting position. Sit your child in the chair and look at his or her posture. The back should be straight and the child should be able to sit without support from cushions.

Important Details:

  • From 6 months
  • Snuggles to the back and offers good support
  • Adapts to the movements of the child to develop a feeling for its body
  • Adjustable backrest, foot and seat
  • Can be used over several years and generations
  • Also suitable for adults
  • Carrying capacity: 125 kg
  • Includes: Chair, Safety bar, Tray, Cushion

Material & Dimensions:

  • H: 83 cm, W: 55 cm, D: 56 cm
  • Weighs only 5.1 kg
  • Made from shaped beech
  • Surface treated with water-based paint