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Schöne Sachen für Vater Mutter Kind

Wiens erste Adresse für werdende Eltern

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Maximo children swivel chair grey
the classic - tried and tested for many years

In recent years the moll Maximo has been the best-selling children´s swivel chair. The swivel chair Maximo from moll grows not only with the kids but it also offers three adjustments in order to customize it to the individual height and proportions. So kids not only sit comfortably at any time but also all criteria of ergonomics are fulfilled. It prevents back pain and promotes healthy sitting.

Molded cushions, a seat with shock absorbers and oscillating back rest intensify the effect and motivate to keep changing the position instead of remaining static.

Ergonomic all around for giants, dwarfs and other teenagers
Only a chair for children and pupils that matches the desk completes the learning space. Perfectly adjusted to the body: Seating height, seating depth and the height of the backrest can be separately adjusted on the Maximo. This is very important because body proportions are individual and children grow quickly. Therefore, the moll Maximo can be adjusted very precisely and in all required directions. Thus the swivel chair adjusts with growth spurts in the range between 110 - 195 cm. Thus the swivel chair adjusts with growth spurts in the range between 110 - 195 cm. and supports the correct body posture.

The right adjustment makes it possible
Chair and desk always form a unit. Proper sitting is only possible when both elements flexibly and intuitively adjust to growth-related changes in body proportions. This calls for adjustment options that take all dimensions into account - even the seating depth. With Maximo, it´s a breeze to adjust the seating depth, seating height and backrest. A measurement scale offers precision during adjustment.

Good for kids: The right chair setting
A kids´ swivel chair succeeds when it has a number of adjustment options that allow truly precise settings. The moll Maximo chair offers three settings options: It is extremely easy to adjust the backrest height, as well as the seating depth and seating height.

Monotony is not trendy
There is a choice of two frame colors - a cool design in grey or by choosing ´fresh´ trendy in white. Different fabrics come in a potpourri of decors, playful motives, intense and fresh uni colors. The fabrics are washable and exchangeable so that Maximo can be ,redressed´. Thus the swivel chair adjusts with growth spurts, but also the change in taste and personal likings that arise in the long time of use of long-lasting furniture.

How to enjoy your Maximo for a long time: Vacuum regularly. When dirty, wipe with a damp cloth or launder at 40°C (104°F) on Gentle using mild detergent. Do not put in the dryer, and do not iron. Please follow the care instructions on the label.

Years of experience show in the details
- The wide five-armed star base provides stability and safety. The castors have brakes and are suitable for both hard and soft floors.
- Optional gliders are also available (also exchangeable at a later date).
- The chair column has a practical handle. This makes it easy to move the Maximo in the room.
- To block the chair from swiveling, just activate the turn stop. Simple and fast if there is too much activity in the children´s room.
- Seat and backrest cushions can be easily changed and cleaned without tools.
- Hidden under the seat and extremely popular with children: the secret compartment.

Width 68 cm
Depth 68 cm
Height 28-54 m
Weight 13 kg

Adjustment options:
seat height adjustment
seat depth adjustment
backrest adjustment
Turnstop to determine the base of the foot

Load capacity up to 80 kg
Six-armed base
Braked rollers
Secret compartment for hiding secrets
Washable upholstery

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